The many years experience in Glyn Shepherd Media goes way back to the days when drawing boards were still in use so we have seen the introduction of 2D CAD and the benefits that it brought to design. We have also seen the introduction of 3D CAD and the way that it can improve Lead times, improve manufacture accuracy  and aid the process from cradle to grave.

We have seen and helped companies flourish with the introduction of CAD or changing up their existing CAD solutions, sadly we have also tried to help as companies introduce/update their CAD system but have not followed suggestions and advice and things haven't gone well.

If you can say yes to any of these scenarios, then we can help you:-

- You are thinking of introducing CAD to your business

- Your business has out grown your existing CAD solution and you need to future proof your took sest

You are having problems with the existing CAD process, parts getting machined wrong or out of date files getting issued


We have seen all of these scenarios. All of the above bring pain to the day to day so you need to make sure that you are making the right decisions. We can carryout a comprehensive, impartial assessment of existing processes/systems/assets and help you through this period of change.

- Change Management

- Financial assessments 

- Process mapping and analysis

The correct CAD toolset matched with the correct implementation can tick many boxes and pave the road to Utopia.


Used properly, your CAD data can  be used to drive other systems in your operation - CMR/Sales/Service/Manufacturing/Quality. Using the correct tools, all of this can help you achieve the zen goal of reducing time to market, improving design time and much much more


If your company is having trouble with your CAD process, whether it's 2D or 3D and drawings/models are going to clients or suppliers with repeating errors issues, our Process Mapping experience and CAD understanding can help you change your process, removing issues/problems and streamlining what you have. Sometimes all that is needed is a change in process rather than and change in toolsets.

The main tool we use Process Mapping to find the traces of where CAD reaches in your company so we can see how/where processes can be changed. Discovery the pain points and the happy places to see what quick wins can be achieved.

Our process maps can start with a 'Top Level' view of the process, then we drill down as far as you feel you want to go and at the end the process map can be a Top down or a bottom up view and once you've see the result, the moments of clarity will plan out your companies way forward.