BIM Modelling

BIM (Building Information Modelling) has become an important part of the construction world and great marketing and  sales tool.  

We can create BIM models of your products that designers/consultants/clients can download and put in their project or proposal. We are able to offer three different kinds of models:-


This can contain meta-data for product loads/materials/weights/input/output, a link to the product page on your website.


This is for models that can be imported into other software that isn't Revit. 

File types - .sat, .step, .dwg, .iges


We can also create models that are native to Autodesk 3DS MAX. These models don't contain the meta-data.

All  models are have as small a file size as possible, this depends on the level of detail that you require.

No BIM models created by us will contains internal cavities/parts. Therefore your intellectual property is protected. The models will

Please get in contact for  pricing details.