2D CAD into 3D CAD

Like most people who have been doing CAD for a long time, we all started with 2D CAD and overtime have grown to love the genius of 3D CAD. We still enjoy working in 2D when the project suits.

If your design work is still done in 2D or building are drawn from hand, then talk to us about the benefits you could have from moving to 3D CAD.

- 3D helps with visualising designs

- you can add metadata for materials and costing

- engaging renders and animation are easy to do

We can:-

- create 3D from your 2D

- help with your workload as your transition

- act as consultants to advise on how to change

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Cut House.jpg

We don't only have experience in 2D into 3D with houses. Below are some images showing work we did helping a client design a frame.


You can see from the images above that utilising 3D adds functionality and purpose to your CAD. If this frame was created in Revit to start, then it would be modeled in 3D, and 2D dimensioned views created from that model and as the model changes, the views update automatically reducing margin for error and design time.

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